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“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

– Victor Hugo


After 12 years of trying to make a living online and failing, I realized it was not the majority of us who were the reason we failed, but the business models we got into that caused us to fail. The tide has shifted and finally this website will be promoting a business that is working, honest, transparent and helping people from all over the world to change their financial situations from desperate to abundant!

With the current situation the world finds itself in, being able to work from home is the way we will go in order to support the kind of lifestyle that will give us an excellent online income plus time to spend with our families.  Many people are searching for a way to make this happen and while there are still many bad experiences out there, this business will definitely create a very lucrative residual online income for years to come.


The Compumatrix Portal is a self-managed online platform, which can be utilized by members of Compumatrix to stimulate growth on their savings: Affording ordinary individuals the ability to earn an excellent online income. Compumatrix ENGAGES with people from all walks of life and aspires to ENRICH humanity by encouraging members to envisage and create more meaningful and rewarding lives. Compumatrix pledges to ENHANCE life by providing opportunities born of effective and innovative solutions, to its members.