The Introduction

I decided to create a blog for my website, so that I can share my experiences with the two companies I have chosen to change my financial life.

After many years of trying to make a living online, I had basically given up on the internet and swore never to get involved with anything online again.

Then one afternoon WhatsApp notified me of a message, and it was from a great friend of mine telling me about this business he was in.  His sponsor had offered to sponsor someone in on his behalf and he had chosen me.  “Are you interested?” he asked.

Because I trusted this person, and I knew his sponsor and trusted him as well, I said “Sure, as long as there is no recruiting!”  (I never look a gift horse in the mouth!)

“No” he said… “You do not have to recruit” and chuckled.

One day later I was a member of Mirror Trading International and my account had been funded with $100 of Bitcoin.

I went through all the information in my back office and joined the Telegram group, watched all the ‘how to’ videos.  When I got to read the Governance tab and was amazed to read the Mission and Vision of the creator and management of MTI.  I sat back after reading everything, and I thought “Maybe this is different – maybe this is what I have been looking for!”

That evening there was a webinar by the members of the team I was in, which basically promoted the business.

There are two parts to MTI.  Primarily it is a trading company.  It offers trading services to its members.  81% of the membership of MTI are purely investors. And every working day, (Monday to Friday) the Bitcoin they have invested is traded on the cryptocurrency market and 40% of the daily profits are shared amongst all the members based on the amount of Bitcoin they have invested.  It is credited to their trading pool and compounded.  Now, we all know that compounding is the 8th wonder of the world according to Albert Einstein.

So, when I wake up the next morning, I have more Bitcoin than I had yesterday! This is getting exciting.  I decided to attend the presentation webinar that was being held at 7pm.

Stay tuned, this is going to be awesome!

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I have never been in a WhatsApp or Telegram room where everyone was in love with the business they are in, EVER!  And its infectious!  I am in a team that have amazing leaders.  They have presentations that you can invite your friends and family to.  “You do not have to be the Rock Star” they say.  “You just have to plug your invited people into the system and let it do the work for you.”  The “system” are daily presentation calls done by ordinary members, sharing their experience of Mirror Trading International, Training done on a Saturday afternoon to help people build their business.


Do you spot a leader in your team?  Put their name forward for the 21-day Mastermind Group that is something I have never experienced before.  All the best motivational speakers and Social media gurus are invited to speak to the group.  If you follow the teachings of all the people brought in to help, you will be up and running with an awe-inspiring residual income in a truly short space of time.  21 Days to be exact. But it does not end there.  The training you get from this Group will stay with you long after the 21 Days is up.


Monday to Friday is abuzz with excited human beings in the chatrooms and when it comes to weekends there is great excitement on Saturday, because that is when the Binary bonuses and Leadership bonuses are calculated and put into your income wallet.  You have a choice to reinvest them or withdraw them and take a salary.  So, its PAY DAY!!!  you can sense the impatience to get to Monday again after the excitement.


We are like one huge family.  Everyone is helpful and happy and grateful to be the one that saw the light and joined MTI!  We were asked if we had one regret about joining MTI, what would it be?


100% of the people asked, responded with, “My regret is that I did not start sooner!”


I have a few people in my team who are sitting back expecting this MTI to fizzle out just like everything else they have been involved in.  Slowly, but surely, one by one they are  realizing that they are the odd man out by not joining the happiness and are starting to ask questions, so that they can tell their friends and family about this amazing company.

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AVG 0.00506205 BTC/week

I have been in MTI for 5 months now.  I decided to build my team instead of just building under myself and creating spillover.  That way I would create P2 Bonuses for myself and Binary bonuses for my team to get them started.

This has worked brilliantly for my left leg team.  They have taken off like a Boeing and are currently worth 2.7 Bitcoin amongst 30 people.  I have personally sponsored three people and taught  two of them how to duplicate what I was doing.  The third person is an investor only.  Any new people I have introduced to the business, I have used one of my team’s referral links and placed them where they were needed.

The left leg took off on its own after a while and I am trying my best to balance them out again!

The right leg are 11 people with a total of 0.64 Bitcoin.

Now we get paid Binary bonuses on our weaker leg and P1 and P2 bonuses on either leg.  Thank heavens for that.  Yesterday was Payday and the total of my Binary bonus and 2 P2 bonuses came to 0.00224472 Bitcoin which at today’s Bitcoin value of R197123, works out to R442.48 per week. When added to my daily trading bonuses for the week of 0.00281733, I have 0.00506205 per week residual income (R997.85).  Incredibly happy with that.

This residual will climb in value as more people join and invest with MTI.  We are currently trading with over 20000 Bitcoin!!

Of the over 195000 people currently working with MTI, only 19% of them are actively building a business.  The rest are just investing and getting between 7 and 8% growth per month on their investments, depending on the trading figures for that month.  The prize here is that each day the earnings are added to our trading pool and compounded!  According to Albert Einstein, compounding is the 8th wonder of the world.  And it surely is.  Have a look at MTI’s track Record for 12 months from September 2019 to September 2020!  That figure is based on ACTUAL trading.

That 229% means that if you had invested 1 Bitcoin in MTI in September 2019, it would have been worth 3.29 Bitcoin in September 2020.  Can anyone tell me where you can get a return on your Bitcoin or your money like this…anywhere else?